International scientific-practical conference

Sex Offending Behavior: Problems and Solutions

 September 23rd 2016, Kaunas, Lithuania

Dear Colleagues,

We are pleased to invite you to a conference devoted to a topic of sex-offending behavior “Sex-Offending Behavior: Problems and Solutions” that will took place in Kaunas, Lithuania on September 23rd 2016.

During the past decade, the number of sex offenders processed through court systems has increased. Various health care specialists, psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers and educators more frequently face a challenge in solving sex-offending behavior related issues in their daily practice. Thus there is a strong need to talk more about problem of sex-offending behavior as well as to look for its solutions.

Sex-offending behavior is a complex problem. Support for victims as well as guidance for sex-offenders in how to change inappropriate sexual behavior are needed. Research shows that between 40-80% of sex offenders have been sexually abused themselves. Higher public awareness of the problem and professionals‘ knowledge and skills dealing with issues of inappropriate sexual behavior might help with early identification of such cases and timely interventions to prevent serious sexual crimes.

The Conference aims to broaden understanding of sex-offending behavior and its biological, psychological and social precursors. Specialists from Lithuania and other countries will share their scientific and practical work experience. Experts from the United States of America Dr. David Hof and Dr. Daniel Hof will lead a practical seminar.  The event is intended for psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers and other specialists, who encounter kids, adolescents or adults with inappropriate sexual behavior problems in their work.

This conference is made possible by funding from the Baltic-American Freedom Foundation (BAFF). For more information about BAFF scholarships and speaker support, visit

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